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we make music that evokes, inspires, and tells stories that matter.


At Northern Frequencies we strive to compose and produce exceptional music for media. This is what we’d be doing even if it wasn’t our job. Just so happens that it is, and we’re pumped to do it for you.


founder, director of business development

adam jesin

Adam is a songwriter, lyricist, singer, musician, and Capricorn. He's released two full albums as an artist and his YouTube videos have nearly 3 million combined views. He wears deep v necks but can't really pull them off. He's dressed up on Halloween as off season Michael Phelps Twice. His excitement is contagious, thankfully his chest hair is not.


Creative Director

David Henriques

david has worked in recording studios for over a decade in the music and commercial audio worlds. he is a top notch mixer, producer, vo director and composer whose juno-nominated work has come from working with many of canada’s top acts and brands. in the studio he can take care of anything on a recording, except for singing, unless you want a sweet falsetto which you accept at your own risk. aside from all the stories that come from working with musicians for a living, if you really want to grind his gears feel free to start a conversation about fantasy football scoring and the time he lost a league championship on a stat correction.

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